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The cultural event!

We just had our first cultural programme -- song, drama and dance! A colourful, happy and, I think I can safely say, successful event. Here are some pictures taken by Dipankar, one of the parents. More photos and perhaps videos will be up soon.
We started with singing four of the many wonderful folk songs Nilanjana has been teaching us:

Our youngest group, Pallav, then performed 'Anansi and the Magic Stick', based on a Liberian folk story retold by Eric Kimmel:

"I'm not lazy, I'm thinking!"

The Magic stick

A trickle at first, then a stream, then a flood, then a mighty river.

Kiri, our junior school group, enacted 'The Lorax' by Dr Seuss. They made their own props with the teachers' help:

"Listen here! Here's a wonderful chance to make our money dance!"

"You won't see the Once-ler. Don't knock at his door. He stays in his Lerkim on top of his store."

"This is JUST what I need!" (A Thneed's a Fine-Something-That-Al…

Invite: Shibumi's first Cultural Programme!

play plants and Shibumi

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