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Same time last year!

A little film showcasing children's art work and preparation for our cultural event at Shibumi last year!

I love our walks!

This is a little story we put together from our time outdoors each week, while discovering the wonders of nature and enjoying the changing weather. 
The putting together of this story was an activity inspired by watching the children invent, create, express themselves,play imaginative games, interact with each other and the surroundings on our walks.
The young authors and illustrators :)

Dhrupad singing week at school

Pelva has brought music with her to Shibumi. We are very happy to have the regular singing sessions with Pelva where she takes us through the nuances of Dhrupad.

In the beginning I tried to understand the music. I couldn’t do this because I wasn’t able to pick out the different sounds and see that they were unique. To me they sounded pretty much like each other. I then tried to feel the music but I am afraid I didn’t feel anything. I tried keeping the beat while singing but this made me loose the tune and words. I also tried to move my hands with the music but they moved in a very odd manner which did not resemble the music in any way. So as you can see I found it very difficult to connect with the music both at the level of the mind and at deeper level. I will not give up and I shall continue to try and cross these hurdles because singing is one skill I sincerely wish to have. ~ Sagar. (Mammoth)

This type of music (Indian Classical) is generally very melodious but at times it can mak…