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Shop Shop

It was shop time at Shibumi on Thursday, Oct 4th and it was the turn of the Malhars and Bihags to set up
shop.  Well laid out plans were showing in the way each stall was put out; painstakingly prepared,
tastefully arranged, ready to be sold. But then, who hasn’t heard that the best-laid plans can go awry.
Rain arrived half-way through. Mid afternoon rain has a mind of its own. It pours, then stops, you step out,
it changes its mind and comes down again. Thankfully, the children were unaffected by it.
All in all it was great fun. We posed a few questions to the shopkeepers and this is what they had to
say about playing ‘shop shop’.

1. How did you get the idea?
I got it from my mother.We were inspired by food stalls on the roadside. 2. Were you able to implement your ideas? We couldn’t implement Marvel theme because we felt the youngest children might not understand.We planned to have more items but it didn’t happen.Three shopkeepers didn’t turn up making it difficult for the rest of the te…