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Rajasthan Rhyme : A tribute to our wonderful time

Didi didi, this train is so packed! Be happy you have at least half a seat, so many others are all stacked! Actually I’m glad no one has taken our half seat, In fact, the other passengers protect it even when I’m away to eat. Speaking of food, just look at all the food Sidh’s uncle and aunt have got, Yummm! That vada pav is so good and tasty and hot.
Hey why don’t we too sell some stuff on the train , Origami! Awesome! Everyone gets excited by the sight of a paper plane. Come one, come all! There is flowers, purses, cranes and even a ball! It’s all over; everyone has taken it with so much joy, So many smiles and laughs all because of a small toy.
Ah! Finally it’s Shivganj! What a lovely little town, Guys, food is served can you all please come down. Mancha, Punchi, thank you so much, the food and sweets are so great. And we ate ... and we ate ... and we ate ... and we ate! Karuna bhua, we have squeezed the lemon juice but have one doubt, What to do with the peels just throw them out? It’s like magic; …