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Journals from Honnemardu

The deep voice of the conductor woke me up from my light sleep. It seemed to have done that to most of my friends too. The bus squeaked to a halt and all of us, more asleep than awake, hopped off onto a deserted road. There were a few low-roofed buildings scattered all over the place and there was the road cutting right through the small town. This place reminded me of a scene from a favourite movie of mine.We must’ve looked really out-of-the-place, sleepy eyed, crumpled clothes, huge backpacks and all- the people there looked at us we’d dropped down from another planet.The first thing my mind took in was ‘Its cold!’. I guess everyone else had their minds telling them the same for not one of them stood without their teeth chattering! We were huddled together, for warmth I guess when someone just said, “Is that Venus?!”. Now I must say, that really caught my attention, because I just loved stars and other heavenly bodies. We were so engrossed in our conversations, we didn’…