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Giving Week Round up - Skills sharing

Each day of the giving week was filled with sharing of skills, planned and executed by the children. In the morning, there was football, folk dance and running on offer. The afternoon had activities like making ninja blades and nature art. On Friday, there was a treasure hunt activity that combined the game of treasure hunt with the skill of tree climbing. The clues were placed on nine different across the Shibumi campus. There were five teams and in each team every person had to take turns climbing a tree to fetch the clues. The whole experience was exhilarating.  The week was brought to a close with a music performance on the keyboard and violin by the children.
Watch some of the moves in the folk dance.

There was time for some cool moves as well :)

And this is how it is done...

Giving Week Round up - Find Out

The first task for the 'Find Out' group was to get out and find out ways in which we could give.  We got on to our faithful minivan and went looking for people, spaces, and animals around Somanahalli that needed help. Finally, we decided that we would clean up Thottikallu (TK) Falls and help out in a local farm.

For the first four days, armed with gloves and garbage bags we set about cleaning TK Falls. The task, as we discovered, was not easy. The plastics had to be separated from the paper and the glass, visitors coming in had to be educated about littering, and discussions were needed with the lady assigned to pick up the garbage. This was clearly just the beginning!

On the last day of giving week we visited a local farm and helped in plucking out weeds from the bean patches. As we were at it, there were many interesting questions coming up from the children - 'Why are we doing this?', 'How do the weeds harm the crops?' ' How long have these beans been g…

Giving Week Round up - Anganwadi

Engaging with the tiny tots at the Anganwadi centre opposite Shibumi during the week through some interactive activities was a delightful experience for everyone involved. Monday was spent on warming up to each other. Playing with clay in the Anganwadi centre was the activity. Tuesday saw them take baby steps into Shibumi. The sand pit was invaded and soon mountains, balls, and towers were springing up.

Playing in the swing and running up and down the back verandah, touching the drawings on
the wall and shrieking with joy formed the rest of the day. Wednesday brought on more playing in the sandpit and more smiles all around. On Thursday, the tiny ones moved on to playing with the wooden blocks and making structures twice as tall as themselves.

After a monochromatic, predominantly brown, four days, it was time for an explosion of colours on Friday. Large sheets of paper were laid out in Bijitsu. Tentative brush strokes were soon replaced with bold moves on hands and legs. The children we…

A week of Giving

Today is the first day of Giving Week. This is also the last week of school.
I think we are having Giving Week because we only care for Shibumi and we thought we could care
for the space around Shibumi.
Some of the things we are doing in Giving Week are:

Santhe : The Santhe group have been asking people for things that are in good condition that they don't want. With these things they will set up a market in the village where anyone can come and take anything they want without having to pay for it. The last few weeks Shibumi was getting flooded by generous and interesting things.We didn't have enough space to store it at Shibumi.

Anganwadi : The Anganwadi is a small school for really small children opposite Shibumi. Some of us will spend some time with the children and do some activities with them . We will bring the children to Shibumi to play in the sandpit.

 Find out : The Find Out group didn't know what to do so they thought they would explore the area and if there was a…