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During Non-Month in school, Tanu and Sharad had planned a trip to Chennai to go on a turtle walk. We would spend one whole night on the beach. Unfortunately the trip was to happen on a weekend when I was not in school.Later I learned that Tanu had not been able to get tickets that weekend and therefore had to postpone the trip. Though it was not in her control I thanked Tanu sincerely for not finding tickets.
Finally on the day of the trip we got into the train and ‘expressed’ our way to Chennai. I was not excited like one would expect to be but instead I was nervous. A night long walk on the beach didn’t seem very comfortable. After a long seven hour journey the train halted in Chennai and we disembarked, much I think to everyone’s relief. We took a bus to the auto stand where some heated arguments managed to get us a ride to the beach. Our auto driver (the one who drove me and some other students) seemed slightly drunk and also very, very hyper. He drove like some racecar and after all…