Monday, August 14, 2017

Dhrupad Week

In an attempt to bring music into Shibumi and deepen the learning space at Shibumi we had a Dhrupad retreat with Pelva Naik, It was a week long rigorous engagement with the artist.

Plelva brought a new rhythm into the space. For our oldest children it was a residential retreat as they participated in the morning 'kharaj' practice with the artist. The younger ones had an hour long singing session and some activities that deepened our engagement with our learning.

Another beautiful element that this week brought was the bringing together of Teachers and Students as learners. The vertical age groups in which we learnt the Dhrupad was from our littlest 5 year old to our oldest 68 year old.

All children were struck by sound. Some were drawn to sound and vibrations of the tanpura. Some were humming the notes of the bandish. Some had their fingers busy keeping the jhaptaal. It was fascinating how Pelva's passion for this style of music was what touched each one of us. Some of us entered this week of Dhrupad with some resistance, but at the end of the week there was the relationship to the sound that was above all likes and dislikes.

Learning at the Land

The beginning of this academic year has been wonderful for us all. Interactions with our new campus have begun. 

The Ketaki and Tulsi groups (our littlest ones) have been spending three mornings a week at the 'new land'.

It was wonderful to watch and learn with the children. Being outdoors, participating in the construction process, mingling with the civil workers, cleaning the land, tractor rides, quiet observation activities, cooking and nature walks have all added a wonderful flavour to the learning for the last two months. 

This frequent contact with nature has brought about sensitivity which is not measurable. It also naturally created lots space in our rhythm to be alone and quiet.  

Helping with the brick making.

Activity Time for all.

The games field is almost ready :)

Discovering some natural colours

Half an hour of Shibumi care at the New Land.

Walks on a hillock close to the New land

During Quiet Observation, while a child was looking at a leaf, he met little spider friends.
Joy rides!

Slowly the buildings are also rising up!

Our local Vet and Herriot fan comes to medicate our puppies :)
And Dr. Chandrashekar patiently answers all the questions before he goes :)

We spotted a tiny turtle in the tank. Without any instruction, the children gather around the tank quietly and hopefully gaze into the water. they much more than the turtle.