Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A conversation on the van journey

10-year old student: What did you decide to say Shibumi was, in that invitation?

Teacher: A school concerned with bringing up free, responsible and sensitive children... what do you think?

Student: Hmm... I think I am both free and responsible. But sensitive, I still have to be.

Teacher: What do you mean by free?

Student: I can do most things I'm interested in at school. Most students can.

Teacher: What about responsible?

Student: I think I'm responsible.

Teacher: What about when I have to shout out to call you for an activity even though you've heard the bell? :)

Student: Well, then I'm doing something I think is important. It doesn't feel irresponsible just because you want me to do something else!

Teacher: Why did you say you still have to be sensitive?

Student: Because that's the thing I am least!

Teacher: In what way?

Student: I still tease people and make fun of them.

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