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Rajasthan Rhyme : A tribute to our wonderful time

Didi didi, this train is so packed!
Be happy you have at least half a seat, so many others are all stacked!
Actually I’m glad no one has taken our half seat,
In fact, the other passengers protect it even when I’m away to eat.
Speaking of food, just look at all the food Sidh’s uncle and aunt have got,
Yummm! That vada pav is so good and tasty and hot.

Hey why don’t we too sell some stuff on the train ,
Origami! Awesome! Everyone gets excited by the sight of a paper plane.
Come one, come all! There is flowers, purses, cranes and even a ball!
It’s all over; everyone has taken it with so much joy,
So many smiles and laughs all because of a small toy.

Ah! Finally it’s Shivganj! What a lovely little town,
Guys, food is served can you all please come down.
Mancha, Punchi, thank you so much, the food and sweets are so great.
And we ate ... and we ate ... and we ate ... and we ate!
Karuna bhua, we have squeezed the lemon juice but have one doubt,
What to do with the peels just throw them out?
It’s like magic; the peels always get cleaned from outside the house 
Look there are our street cleaners, all those cows.

So tired now, we’re off to bed,
Please don’t  wake us early let us sleep instead.
The blaring loud speakers, what a morning alarm!
The elections are near, the politicians are turning on their charm!

Can we go to those hills, but they are seem far,
Lets go in those autos which take us on mud and tar.
In the auto it’s a little tight fit,
But the drivers are so nice that it will always be a hit.

Who is that man with the sack?
And why is he calling all the monkeys back.
Wow! More and more monkeys are coming dude,
Amazing! He has got them all food.
Where does he get it from, does he have a store,
Come let’s talk to him we will find out some more.
Namaste! Can you please tell us what you just did?
They were hungry I got them food, dear kid.
You did it just today?
No they feel hungry every day.
Every day you come to the jungle with this sack,
Well, I have to . It’s their food not a small snack.
Where does it come from, you have a store there,
No ... people from the villages are quite happy to share.
Do you get paid? Yes, but that doesn’t count ,
Remember there is also the other account.

Hey! There is a board for a jungle safari that I have seen,
There is a guide who wants us to go, he’s very keen.
Oh! To see a leopard it would be fab,
They saw it in the morning they are keeping a tab.
There, there can you see it across  the road its going,
It’s moving too fast why it isn’t slowing.
Some see it and some miss it that is generally the case,
The leopards keep moving they seem to have their own pace.

Thank you  Ramakpur for the temple, and thanks for the safari, guides.
Now we are off to Udaipur to begin on our cycle rides!

What was happening here , all that noise?
Some yatra is happening, they were making a choice.
I can help if they need vehicles.
No need for that they are doing it on the trust Atlas cycles! 
Who was that group that you were talking to there?
There are on a cycle yatra from Bangalore somewhere!
They must be tired and hungry, let’s get them something to eat.
These generous strangers gave us poha and tea, what a treat!

At the next turn we come to the Nursery,
We pay a quick visit, it might be just cursory.

Lalit Paliwal, the officer around,
He knows about every leaf that grows on this ground!
He know what heals with fever, cold and diabetes for sure,
The forest trees offer, every kind of cure!

Often while cycling we would get quite thirsty and dead,
And almost always find a kind soul with pots of water up ahead.
Of course the Ber  trees we can’t forget to thank,
That was one yummy bite upon which we could bank.

"Welcome to our village, you have cycled such a long way,
Come eat some food, you must be hungry, I say.
You can use the school to sleep, it has a large dorm,
We will get you a dari, it will help you stay warm.
Good Morning!Bye  guys! Have a safe trip,
May the slopes be kind to you and you never lose your grip."

There are so many stories still left to share,
Do find us and ask for them anywhere.
Like the RAC tickets in the train,
And the cycle chains coming off again and again.
The children at village Surana,
Stories of Pratap Maharana.
All the wonderful strangers we got to meet,
And the delicious food we were lucky to eat.
Keeping time looking at the stars,
Trying to spot the Ambu’s in their fancy cars.
And Panchi maharaj who has an ashram for birds,
Our cycle boards needing Hindi words.
Trying on the local marwadi clothes,
The Udaipur mornings where we nearly froze!
About litter picking after Kambeshwar fair,
And all our memories we remember from there.
Breaking the myth that Rajasthan is flat,
Or which of the Kids is the biggest brat!


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